Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Where has the time gone? I can't believe my last post was in November. For crying out loud. That is how my time has been going. At this rate, I will never unpack the boxes in the garage, which have been in there since we moved into the new house...Granted, we did move in over one weekend. Before I know it, summer will be here and gone. And I'll be back in school.

I'm already a Nana. It seems like yesterday that I was a mommy. And before that, a honey. And previous to that, daughter. And earlier, a gleam in my daddy's eye.

My time flies.

The Quandry of Time

How is it that time spent doing paperwork and dishes and cleaning and waiting for exciting events stretches, at times, into agonizingly long chunks? While those other times, the cool times, like recess and lunch and sleep and vacation zip by as fast as a glimpse of lightning. Just wondering, if perhaps, time flows that way for anyone else.

Back in the old days, a younger me,
Carefree and filled with exuberance;
Long summer days played out
Unending joy, imaginative adventures
Horses and friends,
Ice cream and books,
Travels and family,
The summer kept on, hot, dry, windy.
Time to do everything,
Or nothing.
School loomed speck-like on the distant horizon
Learning a faraway adversary.
Ah, sweet summer, and endless days
Filled with simple joy.

but now...

The graying of me, the faster time goes.
Summer vacation's a blur and a blip.
Lists numerous, jobs to do,
That fast old clock ticks double sometimes triple time,
And the space in between the things to get done is
Than ever before.
The lists stay as long, the days fly by fast,
Bedtime rolls around before much is done,
The eyelids fall shut on the book.

Then BEEP. click.
Time to get up. Start over again.
Tackle the day, ever shortening day,
The clock moving steady and quick.

At the end of the week, work's still to be done.
Never a rest, or time just to be,
Not time to do everything,
Or nothing.

Picture the clock
Of life
Instead of winding up and keeping true time,
Not going slower at all.
But the watch ever tightens and turns
It's spin of each day
Hurtling faster and faster
Stealing the still moments of time.

Will it always be so?
Less time and more to do

A grand task -
Cut out the fluff
Keep the good things
Time to do everything
Or nothing