Monday, January 28, 2013

what it looks like

This is what it looks like, when the girl sleeps with Nana. Spending the night at Nana and Papa's is lots of fun.

Poor Nana. She doesn't get much room to sleep. But she does have the sweetest little girl all over the top of her...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Olympic Tales: Great Things England Does

Sitting here in the freezing northwest, I've been reminiscing about my warm weather trip to London and the Olympics last August. Ahhhh. Lovely memories.

And some ideas I just want to throw out there to those who create stuff to make our life easier and more decorative. The British have some things going on!

cute little bedrooms

a teapot on the desk


flowers in delightful urns

excellently cool places to stay

interesting roof lines

the Queen - in Jelly Bellies




Westminster Abbey


cool doors

fish and chips

pork pie?!


phone boxes

The Underground

light pulls, on a timer

program-able tub faucets

on/off switch outlets

programmed fountains for play

a little ditch - architecturally neat, awesome for kids

Monday, January 7, 2013

10 Little Snowmen

Ten Little Snowmen

Here is a fun activity for winter play.

Materials: 10 little snowmen (Christmas clearance gave me the perfect price; mine were originally little snowman ornaments - I just clipped off the string loop for hanging), a wooden sled (again, Christmas clearance, which I painted red), and the 10 Little Snowmen poem

We lined the snowmen up on the sled and then read the poem together, acting out the actions. Great fun for counting backwards from 10. Easily recognizable sing song chant (similar to the 5 Little Monkeys).

I've had this poem in my file FOREVER. It does not have an author listed - and I did not write it. So thank you, anonymous, for giving us this winter activity!

Ten Little Snowmen

Ten little snowmen riding on my sled
One rolled off, and bumped his head.
I called Frosty, and Frosty said,
"No more snowmen riding on my sled!"

Eight...(and so on)

No more snowmen riding on my sled.
I jumped on and counted them instead.

(Add actions as the snowmen roll off the sled, such as rolling hands, tapping head, mime phoning, and jumping in place for the snowman count.)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gingerbread Babies

When you are one and three, it doesn't matter when the gingerbread house gets constructed and decorated. Whew!

Due to our late dismissal of school (2 days until Christmas Eve), the 2nd annual Gingerbread House decorating with Nana occurred well after Christmas. But with sugar icing, sweet candy, and sticky fingers, who cares?

Here are the directions, Nana! Which clearly state to glue it together at least 24 hours in advance. Oops!

Gluing together...

Supervisors in training.

What's really missing is how Sissy pushed the sides in each time I moved my hands away from it!

Total collapse!

Gluing. Again.


Sugar saturated gingerbread house.

Here, have a piece!


Hmmm. I wonder how the house for 2013 will be? With 3 helpers?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dressing Up the Shed

We have a shed.

It's pretty run down but cute. ONE day it will be my pottery shed where I have a pottery wheel and kiln. The windows facing the house will become French doors leading out under the pagoda style shade feature. A north facing window will be added. Water will be plumbed. Shelves and storage and display areas will be designed. Perhaps even the roof line will become quaint and peaked. Electricity is already available. That's the long term vision.

But for now we have a garden-and-whatever-else-needs-to-be-crammed-in-there shed.

My stamping/college roommate/Seattle get-away friend was over before the snow began to fall last November. She was looking out our house window, gazing at the shed.

"Lace curtains," she said. "That's all you need to make it look cute." And some other comments meaning I have them in my shed/garage and they look gooooood. They hide a multitude of mess. The junk is not visible. Just the cuteness.

Squint your eyes a bit and gaze at my pottery shed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Love Washi!

I am a bit behind in the stamping and creating world. But, oh, what fun (and easy to use, I might add) to experiment with washi tape. Lovely!

Here are some cards I made with my one little roll of washi.

The teal polka dotted washi is awesome! Also fantastic are the little bags with sequins idea I saw at Impress. I double stamped the birthday cake, which shows better than the words. Love glitz on cards.

Oh, the possibilities...

Jesus in a Box

What to do with those round Brie cheese boxes? Make Jesus in the Box!

I've made this Christmas craft/gift for the past 2 years. The students love making them, though it is a multi-step project. I have no idea what the parents think. It's the meaning, thought, love, and hard work that counts!

1. Paint the box lid/base any color you choose - mainly to cover the words.

2. Let students make a manger scene on the inside of the lid with those Nativity sticker sets (Oriental Trading Co.).

3. Take face only close-up shots and develop. Show how to fold red construction paper in half and make a heart that fits on the top of the lid. Let students glue the heart in place. Trace a circle around the students faces and let them cut out the circle. Glue the photo in the middle of the heart.

4. I like to have the kids paint over the photo/heart/lid with Modge Podge. It gives a glossy finish and seals the picture.

5. Memorize Luke 2:11-12. Print the verse on paper and let students trim the excess. Glue the verse on the outside bottom of the box. Let them use permanent markers to add the date, name, and whatever else you want.

6. On the inside bottom of the box, let students glue shredded, crinkled yellow or tan paper to make straw. Give each a tiny baby, wrap with a piece of fabric, and glue onto a square of felt. Glue the whole thing in the middle of the straw. (It takes at least one day to dry all this glue!).

7. Basically, Jesus in a Box is done. Add more sentiments with permanent markers. Wrap and send home. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Pan

Chicken Fricassee. That's what I made. And broccoli cheddar cheese soup. And applesauce. And chicken tortilla soup (our favorite so far). And more.

Loving the new enamel covered cast iron dutch oven. Once it warms up, it cooks so nicely. I love it. No cast iron maintenance required.

There IS chicken in that mess. WAS chicken in that creation. It's covered by kale. Super delish.