Thursday, March 27, 2014


We've officially been birded.

Similar to flamingo-d. A few days ago, between the hours of about four and eight in the evening, someone planted a very cute, yellow wooden shore bird in one of our flower beds beneath the dogwood. It is so cute! Kevin called me, asking me to come quick, and where did that bird come from? What bird? I had no idea.

Upon closer inspection, all we could tell was how cute the bird was. It has a new home beneath the bare dogwood tree and will look very adorable throughout the season of dogwood flowers and lavender blooms.

Any ideas about the culpit? We love it!

Today, in the back yard, we were birded again. By a flock of robins, sparrows, and some sort of waxwings. All exceedingly cute and fighting over our hand water pump fountain. Too funny! I guess we have one of the few flowing water sources in the 'hood. Hey, all! Head over to Papa and Mama Q's. They's got the drink!

My....aren't we the popular ones?

P.S. Just found out that a large (at least 15 member) portion of the flock visiting the water hole were Bohemian waxwings. Beautiful. Thanks, Audubon handbook.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fun Uses for Paper Towel Tubes

Indeed, there are many fun uses for paper towel tubes. Here are a few from a recent project night at my grandson's school. Oh, yeah. Teachers know how to collect STUFF.

People and car stands for town models and creative play

Photo props

Scenery support

Binoculars (of course)

Other uses: tunnels, molds (ice, candles, clay, sand), collage pieces, bracelets (slice lengthwise), ponytail holders holder, swords (you know they always end up as a weapon), stamp (for circles)

The list could very well be endless. :)

Note: Please use paper towel or wrapping paper tubes, not TP tubes. I just feel better that way. No potty germs to consider.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Skating without Ice - Free Activity

Yes. It's true. You can skate without any ice! All you need are two empty tissue boxes. Tear out that annoying plastic edging, slide your feet in, and skate away to your heart's content.

The grands certainly had fun. Cost? Zilch.