Thursday, March 29, 2012

He's in HOT WATER!

Years. It's been years we've been talking about it. Always discussion mode, not decision mode. But now he's gone and done it. He's in HOT WATER. And I'm soon to follow.

My man found (he researched all on his own) a 1920's cast iron claw foot tub for me! Let's hear a big whoo-hoo! We've always looked for a place to put one, and always looked for one to have.

I thought he was done looking. A few weeks back, a stranger called my cell phone to talk to me about a claw foot tub. Kevin happened to be standing there and I said, no, I hadn't called anyone about a tub. He must have the wrong number.

Then the man says, "Well, is Kevin there?"


I gave the phone to Kevin and he was not happy. That was supposed to be a SECRET phone call. One that did not come on MY cell phone.

That tub did not come through. So I thought the deal was over.

Yesterday, my honey mysteriously asked me to leave school as soon as possible, and he drove me to town. No hints at all mind you. I was thinking puppy, dinner, ???

Antique store. Yes. And there, kind of beat up and green, but beautiful and HUGE, was a claw foot tub. All mine.

Love it. It's for my BIG NUMBER birthday that is coming in November. The tub spent two nights on our patio and is now with the fixer-man. He is going to strip it and coat it real pretty in white.

And into our bedroom it goes! Now we're talking.

So he is, and we will both be, in hot water up to our necks.

Pun intended.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Teacher

Not all days are rosy pink or purple in the 5-6 year old world.

This all happened one day last week.

During lunch prayer by the 6 year-old prayer person, who was already on RED (3rd warning, time on wall, rough day, etc.) by lunch time. ...
and thank you for our lunch, and please help no one to get hurt on the playground, and please help our teacher to be nice, in Jesus' name, Amen.

??? Another 6 year-old immediately came to my rescue.
Mrs. Quantrell is nice!
(This one was not in trouble).

Same day.

I received a beautiful hand drawn portrait of myself (I think it was me, they are 6 you know). Looked at it closely after the students had left.

The figure, Mrs. Q., had her MAD eyes on! Must have been a rough day all around.

BTW, the drawing was done by someone who wasn't in trouble. We have been talking about book characters having mad eyes...hope that was it.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring, Glorious Spring!

It was sooooo nice out this afternoon, I had to go do some fall cleanup. Yep, those things I didn't get to last fall.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, were those early rising plants and insects -

the strawberries are green and many have already bloomed;
the chives are at least 4" tall;
the mums are doing quite well;
the thyme is fragrant and green;
the oregano, which I least expected to make it, is flopping all over the place;
the rosemary is well and hardy, as always;
the mini daffodils are beautiful, the full size ones due to pop any day;
the newly planted (last fall) tulips are well on their way;
the azalea, which stayed mostly green all winter, looks much healthier;
the puny looking (last fall) transplanted lilac is covered in green sprigs;
the honeysuckle is sprouting green (also transplanted);

and weeds. Let's not mention weeds.

there is green on the raspberry, johnny-jump-ups jumping everywhere, and creeping thyme is starting to blanket the surrounding area;
the hostas are peeking;

and spiders, centipedes, roly-poly's, and ants are just fine.

Ahh. Spring.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life-time Supply of ???

Pom poms!

I visited the local Goodwill, which sometimes has good deals, sometimes not. But the wise on the lookout.

For I now have a lifetime supply for all future personal and professional crafting and gaming needs requiring yarn pom poms! Never have I scored so many lovely multi-colored orbs for such a low price! Eat your heart out, Michael's 40% off coupon. And JoAnn's. And Craft Warehouse. I'd say Hobby Lobby, but we don't have one in Yakima.

$3.99. What a deal!

Now, say, just for instance, you need pom poms in the near future. Give me a jingle. We'll play Let's Make a Deal. I got your back. As far as pom poms go.
(those are my can see how big the bag is!)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frozen Tomatoes

Yes, it does work, Martha.

As in Martha Stewart.

Last fall, according to my bursting with green tomatoes garden, I needed a way to save the crops when weather was turning to freeze. As suggested by Martha, I gathered in the bundles of hard green balls, sat them in a bowl, and waited.

As each orb changed from green to red, I cut out the stem end and any blemishes, placed each on a cookie sheet, and put the whole thing into the freezer.

Voila! Twenty four hours later, frozen weapons! I mean, frozen produce, ready for winter soups and tummy warming meals.

And they work great! After freezing, I filled gallon zip bags with all that fit. When it came time to cook meals, I just dropped several in the pot. Mmmmm.

The only problem is that they tend to be a bit more mushy than fresh tomatoes. Which is fine in soups and stews and casseroles. And I have to pick out the skins once they thaw out and boil in the pot. But other than those minor complaints, this is one happy tomato eater.

This summer, bring on the 'maters.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Never Know Which Track the Train is Taking...

in a kindergarten room.

It started innocently enough. Just reading a story about Mr. McMouse (Lionni). No big deal. Predictably, the mice get trapped by a cat in an old cage. The city mouse sings a lullaby to the cat. Cat falls asleep. Mice escape. The end.


NT: When I was a baby, my mom put me on her chest and I could feel her heartbeat and I went to sleep. (referring to lullabies)

Me: Yes, babies love to hear their mommy's heartbeat. When they are in their mommy's tummy, they hear the heartbeat and they feel all cozy. After they are born they like to lay on mommy's chest and hear the heartbeat. (complete with motions of heart beating and thump, thumping).

RM: What about when the mommy's dead?

(Me: thinking, WHERE did that come from???)

Me: Well, they get the baby and give it to someone to take care of (notice avoidance of how).

AW: The baby comes out of the pee-pee.

(PLEASE train, slow down so I can stop it!)

(Students rush on with this suddenly ferociously interesting topic, without any pauses between comments, seriously!)

SW: No, only dogs and cats and farm animals are born like that.

TD: It comes out the butt. But not me. I came out my mommy's stomach.

Me: (after a few but how questions by other students) You need to talk to your mommy about that. Now...

NT: (blurting out) Bella had a baby in her stomach and he had to break a bunch of glass and get a piece and cut open her stomach (complete with motions) and get the baby out.


Immediately the train detoured to Twilight land.

LD: I have ALL 4 of the Twilight movies.

Various other students: Me, too. I've seen those. Uh-huh.

Screeeecccchhhhh! This train is stopping at the OFF THE SUBJECT station. Flurry of motion and energy to changing tracks.

Me: Ok, boys and girls, it's time to...(and we continue on in the normal hectic life of k students).

I don't know which is worse for 5-6 year olds who do not stop to breathe, but only rush on to the next comment they can squeak out of their mouths ~

the birds and the bees or the Twilight series?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Camp Touchet

I love retreats!

Sure, they are often lots of work. You don't sleep very well (or at all). The bathroom is usually OUTSIDE in the DARK. Wild animals abound. You eat too much. Talk too much. Play and relax and pack too much.

But still. Retreats (in the camping and cabins sense) are awesome! Especially if the boys stay home and it's just moms and girls and nana's.

Camp Touchet, just outside of Dayton, WA, is a great location! Last weekend was the first time I visited that section of our beautiful state. Just know that I have future plans to return. It is beautiful, quaint, historic, wonderful.

Our girls from Amplify drove the 160 miles to Camp Touchet for an overnight retreat. It was so refreshing to chat or listen to non-stop girl talk. The pine trees, fresh air, river sounds, brisk weather, scenery, delicious food, too many snacks, lack of sleep, shortage of bathrooms (well, it's all women - what do you expect?)...

Included were a midnight walk to the bathroom (outside in another building), A-frame accommodations, guest speaker (great job!), worship music (oh-yeah), break out sessions (let's hear it for the Fun Times Eggs-actly for Kids - and the watercolor painting, YAY!), excellent cuisine, laughter, talking, praying, thinking...

What a time! The only problem was not enough time to chill by the river. And to walk across the fallen log and hike the hill.

Can't wait for the next retreat.

Oh. And no phone reception. Tech free time.