Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And Voila', A Double Rainbow

A rainbow - the sign of a promise and of hope (my theme yesterday, on a beautiful, about 78 degree day, clear skies, wonderful). I posted a rainbow photo, taken a few years back when I was traveling through Yellowstone.

This morning, I walked out of the house to find black clouds and rain. Gone was the lovely weather (unless you love rain as I do). At about 6:20 am, driving through the rain to the morning coffee and on to school, a rainbow and an echo rainbow (a brilliant one and a lighter one) showed up against the dark clouds.
Yes, I was driving, but it was too gorgeous to ignore.

Digging in my bag, I hauled out the camera, and clicked away. Between the rain, the wipers, the other cars (who were cramping my freedom to use both lanes) and buildings, I was quite pleased to get at least one decent, although somewhat blurry, shot.

Just for me. A reminder of a promise and a hope.

And after yesterday's volcano treats, a phone call today, and the boy is on the way. Despite world events. :)
A promise and a hope.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Incovenience of Volcanoes

Did you know, Aunt Angie,...??? Just an observation, but volcanoes disrupt lives? All of that awesome, scary, amazing power and energy, bursting forth, or oozing out, or blasting off tends to impact lives nearby. Or right now, in many cases, lives are at a stand still all over the world.

Take the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State. I was in high school. The majority of our problem was the tons of ash that covered everything, I mean everything. And school was out for a week. But seriously, is that really a problem? Nope. Still have my jars of Mt. St. Helens ash complete with peeling, yellowed, and disintegrating handmade labels.

Jump to 2010 (I know I'm skipping a few volcanoes in there). A mostly under ice volcano in Iceland, vibrantly active, spews ash in clouds that interrupt flights all across Europe, and consequently all around the world. Millions (according to news reports) of travelers are stranded, unable to get home or back to work or leave for vacation.

Personally, my baby, due to be home for his two-week r & r before finishing up his deployment, due to leave TODAY and be home very soon, is stuck on his FOB, no way to get anywhere, no place to go, no room where he needs to go to link to flights and home, backed-up people everywhere.

He is not alone, I know. Schools opening in parts of Europe, but missing teachers and students who are on holiday, and stuck on holiday. Officials postponing big talks. Businesses losing massive amounts of money due to inability to ship freight. Airlines laying off employees. No planes, no income, no payday. What a mess!

Despite my inclination to whine a bit, I know my baby is safe (don't let him know I call him that). It is safer to not rush the schedule if ash is in the air...I'd personally like to know how 'they' convinced pilots to test the airplanes in the ash to see if it is safe and if the planes sustained any damage. ??? A teensy thought, but you cannot spend overtime or hazard pay if your plane hits a cloud of ash and stops working. Hmmmm.

So, Aunt Angie, well, you know that God made the volcano. Yes, he did, nephew. I guess we will just have to leave it in His very capable hands. In His time, all will be sorted out.

Until then, I'll face each day with hope and His promises. It's gonna be fine. Hang in there, baby of mine.

(not a volcano, but signs of hope and a promise)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dark Side

Speaking of quandary's, the last week has been interesting. And rife with visits from the dark side.

During the beginning of the week, we had special visitors from the Lower Valley (we thought a lower state at first) who were going door to door. Not door to door to sell or tell, but to see who was home and then permanently borrow items that had good resale value from absent residents.

No dog, no alarm (unless you count the overweight, old, and terribly chicken tuxedo cat), no one at home, no neighbors around...perfect recipe for 'help yourself.'

The evidence? A neighbor on the next block over noticed something fishy and started his own patrol. Footprints on the dust on the bench beneath our kitchen window. Removed kitchen window screen. Opened trunk by the back door, with a doll taken out and posed on top of the lid. Torn cat door flap and broken off piece of the vinyl (yes, dear, they did go for the cat door - but did they get in????).

Fortunately for us, the patrol neighbor scared them off, and the police were on the scene within minutes. Report filed.

A week ago today, as we were making lunch, we heard a weird noise. "Gunshots," said the honey. "Maybe it was the stove," said the wife.

Ok, this is the only time this year, but he was right. Gunshots. Right in front of our house. When the crime scene was taped off, the casings were about 3 feet off of our driveway. Yes, dear, you were right. But could it have been something more positive?

Police on the scene in minutes. Report filed.

Honestly, we tell the neighbors, who have come out in force to keep watch over each other, we do not know these miscreants of illegality. They are not related to us.

The neighbors, in reply, reassure us that these happenings are RARE. Nothing like this ever happens in our area. It's a great place to live. Really.

We believe them. Granted, last week, the house was almost back on the market.

But now, the dogwood is planted, and we are starting to put down good roots.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 'Almost' Sunrise Service

Happy Easter! A blessed day for believers worldwide, anticipated and celebrated with joyful reverence. As we watched the 'in advance' egg hiding across the water channel, our small group gathered for an Easter 'almost' sunrise service. Due to recent weather upsets (see previous entry), we decided to at least see daylight and what weather conditions applied before we headed to the park for worship. We met almost at sunrise...or slighter thereafter, to worship the King.
No snow. Sigh. But plenty of cool, crisp air and bright sun combined with blue sky gave us a beautiful setting to remember the day that Christ arose from the grave after dying on the cross for our sins. With the birds singing, the ducks on the pond quacking, and the serene (if somewhat cool) setting, we enjoyed a lovely fellowship experienced between brothers and sisters in Christ.

The fresh, spring park atmosphere reminded me of another early morning garden, when One thought dead, was alive again. The foundation and turning point of our faith.

He is alive!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Surprise! It would have been funnier yesterday, April Fool's Day. But today is the white sky date. It is more of a surprise if one doesn't watch the news, and is therefore shocked when an early spring snow shower occurs. Studs are gone from the tires, trees are budded, some seeds are deposited in the ground, flowers are abundant and beautiful. It's Good Friday. Easter is Sunday.

Welcome snow!

Despite the wintry appearance, the temp is mild, and the ladybug wellies are plenty warm enough to slosh through the mush.

But even now, the snow turns to rain, and sky is brightening, and water pours down the gutters and sidewalks.
Grateful irrigation of the lawn, but sad loss of my beloved snow.

Spring will return.