Saturday, November 16, 2013

Can't Do It All

I know.

It's a shock. Sorry to disappoint my people. Sorry fans (both of you).

But I can't keep up! With my full time job, church, writing deadlines, Bible study, blogs, Facebook, friends, grandkids, parents, family, sleep...all of which I love.

Oh. Can't forget the husband and cat. (Did you notice? I DID leave out cleaning the house. Don't mind if I do.)

And for the fun things - rubber stamping, shopping, eating, cooking, reading, taking pictures, riding the motorcycle...Those are waaaaaayyyyyy down the list.

So forgive me if I miss a month or week or so in writing on my blogs. I want to. I have lists of what to write.

But first things first.

It will happen. One day.

And then maybe I will have 3 fans.