Wednesday, February 16, 2011

14 Days of Valentines

I did it different this year. Instead of letting my man pursue me and sprinkle romance all over my day, I started early to shower him instead.

Beginning February 1, I made it a goal to do something special for him each day, without telling him why or advertising my intent.

Ever short of funds, most of my love showers were homemade or gifts of time and effort. Some things I did were a love letter, a lipstick message on his mirror, a back massage (without asking), couple time, special dinner, flowers, chocolates, a funny movie, a hand massage for his winter hands (including my hot wax), a reload on his Starbucks card, candy hearts in the shape of a heart on his pillow...

By the third day, he was suspicious. That does make a statement about how much I love on him daily. Ouch.

I'd say he had it figured out around day 10. "So, do I quit getting the special treatment after Valentine's Day is over?"

Thought this was supposed to be for him. I think it was for me. Lesson learned. I need to show my love for him everyday. Make him feel special.

Sprinkle some romance.

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