Friday, July 19, 2013

Chalk Paint Blackboard

Chalk paint. Not to be confused with chalk painting. Or chalkboard.

I was very confused with the specific terms as I started researching this on my encyclopedia of choice - Pinterest.

I was even more confused by the total number of different recipes, explanations, and guides. But after much consideration, I finally gave up and did my own thing with a few basic ingredients. Just in time for a sisterly birthday present.

paint in my (or your) color of choice (Valspar Secluded Garden)
plaster of paris
furniture wax (Minwax works great, and it's the ONLY one Lowe's had)
blackboard paint
old frame (check yard sales or Goodwill)
thin wood cut to fit inside frame

paint brushes
clean jar and lid
measuring cup (or plastic container)
rags for dusting and waxing

First, remove all the old stuff from the frame - staples, backing, picture, glass, hooks. Then gently sand to remove the slick finish.

Mix paint. I mixed in a jar so I could close it and use it later. I also used a little snack plastic tub for my measuring of ingredients.

3 parts paint
1 part plaster of paris
a few T. of water

Mix together. Add water until you get the consistency you want.

Paint the frame. I painted 2 coats on the front and back, drying between coats. At the same time, I also added 3 coats of blackboard paint to the wood for the chalkboard.

Lightly sand the edges. Wipe off the dust. Apply a thin coat of wax to the frame. Let sit for suggested time (on wax container) and then polish off. It will look awesome!

Prepare the chalkboard by covering with chalk and then erasing the chalk.

Put the chalkboard into the frame and connect. Add a hanger to the back.

Voila! A great gift.

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