Friday, August 16, 2013

Storming of the Brain

Storming of the brain, otherwise known as brainstorming, is a lovely exercise in dreaming up all sorts of solutions or actions to a problem or idea. I adore brainstorming.

This BS (conducted on sticky notes, which were then torn in half when I organized) was sorted onto a huge art board. Perfect for rearranging my ideas and keeping them in one place.

Because I can really go crazy. Anything goes in brainstorming. From now on, brainstorming will be called BS (not to be confused with other colorful metaphors popular in society).

BS is wild! I always write too many words, so BS is perfect for letting me use all the words I want. The ideas can be good, bad, zany, wayyyyyy out there, scary, boring, impossible - but that's the fun of BS.

Brainstorming is a vacation for the brain. No longer have to stay inside the box. Any box. Maybe the TARDIS. See? I just jumped into BS mode.

Just for fun, try a little BS of your own. Go ahead. Take that idea you've been toying with, put it to paper. Let everything else go out the window and scribble down as many ideas that relate to that idea as you can. Feel free to include mini lists (I also love making lists) for things like questions, supplies, locations, and so on.

The universe is the limit when one is BS. When your brain is pleasantly blank, stow the BS papers somewhere safe and go your way. BS ideas have to simmer for a bit. Pull out the BS list later and take a look. Then you can choose your favorite and get organizing.

Speaking of which, organizing ideas, after BS, may be a bit scary. I've been known to BS on everything - napkins, paper, notepads, sticky notes, receipts, magazine covers...any piece of paper is fair game. Organizing is a tad more interesting using those types of BS notes.

So get to storming of the brain!

PS Yes. That is my ironing board. Due to some rearranging of the office, I am in the market for a good side table to keep my sources at hand. For now. It's the ironing board.

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