Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Wanna Be Like Her

I wasn't paying attention to much as I waited for my turn for a flu shot. Next in line, I heard the nurse tell the lady in front of me, "You're good for a year."

"Does that mean you are promising I'll be here? I'm going to turn 96," replied the senior woman.

They chatted and laughed. I eavesdropped.

"I just renewed my drivers license. The man told me he'd see me in five years. I asked him if that was guarantee, because then I'd be 101," she told the nurse.

Then she grabbed her cane and waltzed out of the clinic.

"I wanna be like her," I told the nurse. "95 and barely a cane. And driving."

At the stop light as I went on to other errands, I noticed the young-at-heart lady in her car in the turn lane beside me. While she must have had something to boost her up as high as she was sitting, she was definitely in the moment. The second the light turned, she went for it and headed on her way.

Oh, to be 95 and that full of vim and vigor.

I wanna be like her.

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