Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Decomposition Project

(Photos 1 & 2 taken 11-1-13)

Yes. Kinders rock! We get to do all sorts of cool things.

Currently, we are investigating a long term decomposition project. The materials consist of two pumpkins (minus the seeds, which were cleaned, cooked, and quickly inhaled by eager mouths).

Both pumpkins, one carved and one uncarved - due to very thick, gourd-like skin - reside just outside our classroom door. In the gravel. In the weather. In the snow, wind, rain, ice.

(Photos 3 & 4 taken 11-24-13)

So far, both are still recognizable. One observation - the opened wound, I mean carved pumpkin, is definitely succumbing to decomposition, while the pristine (not for lack of trying) warty pumpkin is just sitting there.

Date of death and burial, er, placement outside for observation: October 30.

Watch for future installments of time lapsed photographs. It's going to get really gross.

(Photos 5 & 6 taken 12-4-13)

(Taken 12-15-13: Looking a little more saggy!)

(Taken 12-19-13: Definitely squishy! The uncarved pumpkin is holding up very well.)

(Taken 1-5-14)

(January 5, 2014)

(January 7, 2014, after a bit of snow and ice)

(January 7)

(January 7)

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