Thursday, February 6, 2014

Time Out

Bwah-ha-ha! Some days bring loud guffaws. You just never know what a kid is going to say.

Child A: Blankity, blank, blank, blank. (Using God's name in vain, which we don't do at our school. We try to teach why and show respect for God.)

Me: Oh, A., we don't get to use God's name that way. We want to show respect for Him.

Child B: Teacher, I said that at home. My daddy got mad.

Me: Did you get in trouble?

Child B: No. I had to stand in the corner.

Me: That is getting in trouble.

Child C (with great expression and conviction): That is called TIME OUT. (Child C has obviously had trouble AND time out.)

Continue discussion by other students about TIME OUT and getting in trouble. If I could just sit and write down everything they say...of course, some things I could not repeat.

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