Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tree Catching

tree catching: definition - hunting in the woods for the perfect sweet smelling evergreen for the completion of decking the halls in anticipation of Christmas Day (Note: after purchasing the appropriate tags and paying correct fees)

required equipment: tree tags, hand saw, rope, 4x4 vehicle, winter clothing, ceiling measurements

outcome: We won! Bagged our trees with only slightly soaked clothing and boots (melting snow inside your boots definitely makes you appreciate indoor heat and dry socks). We avoided slipping off the edge of the steep road, did not hit other vehicles, found beautiful trees amidst the snow covered hills, and the male assistants offered minimal complaining. ;0 That in itself was pretty awesome.

benefits: pine scent filling the house, plenty of extra drinking water for the cat (note to self - refill often), beautiful addition to our decor that sets off the special ornament collection displayed on its branches, another Christmas adventure for the memory files

The ceiling is somewhat shorter than my estimated measurements. Even after making my guys stand beside the trees for a guess-ti-mate. Worth it anyway.

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