Friday, December 31, 2010

Think Tall in the Mall

I admit it. Just in case you hadn't noticed. I am short. Getting shorter, according to my most recent physical. Had the nurse check twice, but she said the same thing both times. No longer 5'2 and 3/4", but a solid 5'2". (By saying solid, I am not referring to my weight - that is a whole different pound of worms.) So, I am short. Let's say petite, since it sounds cute.

Over Christmas vacation, we used a large variety of dishes from different stashing places around the house. Lucky me, I have a wonderful husband who most usually cleans up after dinner. And puts things away. Out of my reach. Remember I am barely two inches past 5 measly feet tall.

On one certain occasion, date to remain unclarified, the love of my life was, again, putting things out of my reach.

"Honey, could you please rearrange those so I can reach them?" I asked nicely.

Honestly, he thought he was putting them within reach. But he is 6'2". He can easily grab ANYTHING in our home, while I have to fall back on my non-existent engineering degree to safely stack chairs and clamber up to get what I need.

"When you put things away, think short!" I said (only a little whine). "Think how far I can reach, and then put them there."

Nicely, at least for that moment in time, he obliged my request. That was that.

Fast forward a day or two. We went to the mall to run a few errands. Being short, (5'2" and nothing more), I zipped in and out and around crowds of other mall goers, often leaving my honey stuck under a kiosk or several families back, wondering where I was (6'2" people can't duck under and around like little wizard-y short people).

Upon reaching the end of the mall, he caught up to me. "Think tall," he said.

"What?" I wondered if he had eaten a few too many Fruit Loops.

"In the mall, think tall," he said, peering down at my short head. "I can't speed around people the way you do. I just smacked myself at the kiosk."

Cricking my neck WAY back, I gazed into his gleaming eyes. "HAH," I said. "Ok, at home, think short. At the mall, think tall."

We'll see if it holds.

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