Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prolific Painted Lady's

Received: 35-ish tiny, black squiggly lines in plastic container

Procedure: Use a fine paint brush to put one squiggly line in each small communion type cup after putting in 1/4" of yellow caterpillar food for each

Close: Securely seal lid to prevent prying fingers

Next: Observe daily with excited and detail oriented 2nd-3rd graders; graph results on chart

And then: Get totally excited about the 'J' shape and suspended chrysalis'

Add: All chrysalis papers to large pop-up tent. Continue counting days before arrival of butterfly beauty

Joy comes in the morning: The best time to creep out, smooshed, bedraggled, and oozing left over body fluids

Let air dry.

Feed. Notice length of proboscis.


Pretty painted lady butterflies and gleeful children.

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