Sunday, May 15, 2011


While walking down the streets of Paris one afternoon, we enjoyed the pleasant weather. People watching filled our minds with images of beauty and interest. Waves of shoppers and strollers passed, holding hands, pacing briskly, both empty hands and hands filled with purchases.

Without much warning, the skies darkened and opened. Nothing like an easy going mist, but a full blown summer rainstorm pounded down and glistened on city sidewalks and streets.

Bloomp. A veritable sea of dark colored umbrellas and striding legs flowed where just moments before faces and entire bodies were visible. Where had the umbrellas come from?

Then bloomp. The clouds dispersed. The sky cleared. A snap of the fingers and all signs of umbrella life disappeared, back to the mysterious nether regions of storage.

The only sign of the storm was the shine of cobbled walkways. No evidence of an afternoon disrupted. Life continued.

As did people watching.

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