Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Little Monkeys

Oh yeah, big score this weekend! (You will love it if you are a teacher of younger children OR you have younger children in your life.)

Five little monkeys, five little monkeys, five little monkeys just hanging around...
Five little monkeys jumpin' on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."

You know the song. How about some fun acting it out? At JoAnn's (fabric/crafts) I found a giant score. In the felt items I found plate-sized thick felt monkey heads with a $1 price. Better yet, when I checked out, they rang up on sale! Score! Fifty cents each. Add a paint stick, or not, and we are ready for some retelling fun.

The deal of the week (as per sign on the basket) was 8 little monkey faces made from felt with sticky backs. Perfect for adding to a Velcro-fingered glove to sing the song. Oh, and the gloves (the cheapies, which fit just fine for small hands) were on sale for $1 a pair.

Both felt items (the small sticky faces may need additional glue to keep them together) are called Felties by Darico and list that they should be used for 3 years-old and over.

Did I snag a deal or what?

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