Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pink Cowboy Boots

Five year olds are honest. And real. And curious. And spiritual.

Every day after lunch, we spend time learning a weekly Bible verse and Bible story. I am constantly amazed at the deep questions kindergartners ask. Occasionally, I'm without a good answer. Usually I end up with a wonderful quote or funny story.

Last week, during the discussion following the story (the weekly story was the Tower of Babel, but they love Noah and Adam and Eve, so we keep looping back to revisit previous stories). One little boy brings up going to Heaven quite often, and how we will go to Heaven when we get old, like a grandma did.

On this afternoon, contributions to the conversation led to talking about Heaven and how we will be taken care of. New bodies and clothes came into the conversation. One thing led to another.

Pretty soon, a little girl, with a sad, heart broken demeanor on her face, piped up, "Teacher, there won't be pretty pink cowboy boots in Heaven?"

What can I say? The Bible tells that the clothes (robes) will be clean and new, glorious and sin-free. I recall nothing about shoes, hairstyles, undergarments, socks...

Pink cowboy boots? For all those little girls who love their cowboy boots?

I bet Jesus loves pink cowboy boots, too.

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