Monday, November 21, 2011

Recess in Winter

Recess in winter is not as much fun for teachers as it is for students. Especially in kindergarten.

Our stash of winter clothing items has moved out into the hallway, as the cubbies do not support the growth of slick nylon coats, hats, snow pants, snow suits, and snow boots. Avoiding the mountain of weather proofing nylon, the kindergartners make a pile under their name tag in the hall. Backpacks and lunches get choice resting spots in cubbies.

But come recess...hats, gloves, zippers, pants, boots, scarves, bathroom break...times ten...

The pause that is supposed to refresh and rejuvenate all involved parties becomes a dance in exertion and finesse to match clothing parts with appropriate hands, feet, heads, and bodies. This teacher does not need winter clothing after helping attire 5 and 6 year-olds for the snowy outdoors.

She needs a blast of AC and a short nap.

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