Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Heart, It Breaks

"Nana, take me!" said my little Bubba as he hugged my neck!

Ouch! That only hurts when I can't take him with me. Usually, it would be all cool, and let's have a rollicking great time at Nana's (with our new game, What's this, Nana?, What's this, Nana?).

But today, I couldn't take him with me. If I could cry just a little. He's my Bubba. Really, he's Papa's buddy, but sometimes, just sometimes, I am cool enough for him to want to hang out inside with the usually boring stuff. Today was one of those times.

"Nana, just one minute," he says.

Hopefully, it will go that fast until he gets Nana to take me.

This Nana can't stand it!

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