Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spicy Pickled Green Beans

Can she really can?

I did it. It's been YEARS since I home canned anything. I've dehydrated and frozen many, many things, but canning has been non-existent. Totally lacking.

Lacking, so much so, that I had to purchase a new canning pot as well as basic tools and jars.

But, in spite of the lengthy process of gathering supplies and picking, cleaning, and prepping the green beans, I am pleased.

In 2 weeks, it's taste test time. Maybe I'll wait a bit longer, just to make sure. Then we will see if I should still be happy with the results.

It just occurred to me that the entire process is called canning. But no cans are involved. Just glass jars. I've actually never seen people at home do any type of canning (with real cans). Of course, we can buy canned produce at the store, but I don't think that's a home option.

So. I home jarred spicy pickled green beans.

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