Sunday, September 9, 2012

What composes a traditional English breakfast?

Another exciting event at the Olympics is my favorite...eating.

Our home away from home, the High Leigh Conference Centre, supplied patrons with a traditional English breakfast every morning. Judging by photos and advertisements around London, the traditional breakfast is very, well, traditional.

For instance, meat is a permanent food group in breakfast.

Like huge pieces of ham (similar to bacon, but larger like sliced ham) and pork sausage. Very tasty. I would have loved some spicy mustard to dip the sausage in.

Also included, as in many British meals, is potato rounds. I would call them medallions. They do need ketchup, which was not available.

Scrambled eggs, hot tea (with milk and sugar, mmmm), coffee (yes!), and pastries are another menu item.

Surprises? Definitely.

Mushrooms. Whole, button type, cooked and in a light butter (?I think) sauce. I could only eat 2. Breakfast and mushrooms do not work for me.

Stewed tomatoes. Hmmm. I tried, really, I did. I gagged down one. Again, breakfast and stewed tomatoes do not go with me. Any other meal, serve me a big spoonful.

Beans. Like pork and beans, but I didn't see any pork (except the ham and sausage). I didn't even bother to try these. It was too 'dinner-like.'

All in all, a very filling, long-lasting meal. Odd, partially, but tasty.

I'd go back and have another go in a second.

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