Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jesus in a Box

What to do with those round Brie cheese boxes? Make Jesus in the Box!

I've made this Christmas craft/gift for the past 2 years. The students love making them, though it is a multi-step project. I have no idea what the parents think. It's the meaning, thought, love, and hard work that counts!

1. Paint the box lid/base any color you choose - mainly to cover the words.

2. Let students make a manger scene on the inside of the lid with those Nativity sticker sets (Oriental Trading Co.).

3. Take face only close-up shots and develop. Show how to fold red construction paper in half and make a heart that fits on the top of the lid. Let students glue the heart in place. Trace a circle around the students faces and let them cut out the circle. Glue the photo in the middle of the heart.

4. I like to have the kids paint over the photo/heart/lid with Modge Podge. It gives a glossy finish and seals the picture.

5. Memorize Luke 2:11-12. Print the verse on paper and let students trim the excess. Glue the verse on the outside bottom of the box. Let them use permanent markers to add the date, name, and whatever else you want.

6. On the inside bottom of the box, let students glue shredded, crinkled yellow or tan paper to make straw. Give each a tiny baby, wrap with a piece of fabric, and glue onto a square of felt. Glue the whole thing in the middle of the straw. (It takes at least one day to dry all this glue!).

7. Basically, Jesus in a Box is done. Add more sentiments with permanent markers. Wrap and send home. Merry Christmas!

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