Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dressing Up the Shed

We have a shed.

It's pretty run down but cute. ONE day it will be my pottery shed where I have a pottery wheel and kiln. The windows facing the house will become French doors leading out under the pagoda style shade feature. A north facing window will be added. Water will be plumbed. Shelves and storage and display areas will be designed. Perhaps even the roof line will become quaint and peaked. Electricity is already available. That's the long term vision.

But for now we have a garden-and-whatever-else-needs-to-be-crammed-in-there shed.

My stamping/college roommate/Seattle get-away friend was over before the snow began to fall last November. She was looking out our house window, gazing at the shed.

"Lace curtains," she said. "That's all you need to make it look cute." And some other comments meaning I have them in my shed/garage and they look gooooood. They hide a multitude of mess. The junk is not visible. Just the cuteness.

Squint your eyes a bit and gaze at my pottery shed.

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