Sunday, April 21, 2013

Buried Treasure - Really!

Once upon a time, when buying a new home, one also purchases a new yard and the mysteries therein.

Case in point. We have lived in our new (turning old) home for about 3 1/2 years. There is never a dull moment in restoration, repairing, remodeling, and carving our nest into the dream of our minds. Every project, as our grandson loves to say and help with, leads to surprising discoveries and even more questions and projects. The List of To-Do, a cloud like planet hovering over our little square of Planet Earth, is constantly evolving, digressing, and increasing.

For instance, as we attempted to fix lights, we came upon wiring and switches that went nowhere. They did not work, hooked up to nothing. The opposite of where one would assume the connection went was what actually worked. And let's not even talk about the ceiling lights that fell off, one by one, leaving us working in the dark, literally, shadowy kitchen. Interior illumination is immensely important and ill fitting for this home.

Come spring, it was time for adding sprinklers to the back yard and garden area. FYI - digging ditches, and any form of dirt plus water, is a great past time for the ten and under group. But that is beside the point.

As my go-to-man was steadily burrowing around the yard like moles in cartoons, piles of dirt and ankle breaking lines of mud littered the yard. Instead of putting away pirated prizes, treasures began to jump to the surface as my digging man and his trusty shovel conquered the project.

To my delight, each day, when I returned home, a new unearthed treasure would be resting on the blue door table under the patio. First it was a pretty gold decorated china bowl. Next it was a cheap plastic Barbie brief case. Previous backyard ventures had turned up a rusty filagree barrette, old glass chunks, and bits of metal. Buried treasure! I looked forward, not only to the ease of watering in summer heat, but to seeing what else turned up in the midst of the excavation.

Who lost the dainty bowl in the dirt? Why? What child played behind the shed and surrendered toys to soil? How long ago did someone wear the hair piece? Did they notice the disappearances? Were they searching and worried? Did anyone get in trouble? Was there a game involved? Imagination?

It seems, for now, we've reached the end of our archeological finds.

But not the end of the stories that go along with the treasures of old.

Waiting for the next digging project.

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