Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Work of Children

No. Not child labor. But actual work! Children do work. Their work is PLAY. But watching them as they focus in total concentration on whatever work project (task, activity, game, adventure) they are involved is amazing.

Mr. Bubba spent over 30 minutes at this job. Cutting. Lots. And. Lots. of tiny pieces, raining all over the floor. But boy, was he happy and content.

Meanwhile, Sister was busy having snacks with Papa. Food is work and play for her. Notice how decorative she is as she munches.

Snack time for all.

Helping make food is a favorite job for both. We had crescent rolls with cheese. Most of the cheese was on the pan and not many rolls looked like crescents, but my grands had helped and they were happy.

Back to the cutting. Day 2. It's much more comfy to work at cutting while wearing just chonies and a t-shirt.

Sister found a new job. Organzing walnuts. Into many containers. And then delivering them all over the house. Thank you for the help.

For the child, play is the job.

Oh, to be child-like and take fun in all of the 'jobs' we must do.

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