Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sea Glass

We friends strolled along the beach, collecting, searching, scavenging for bits of this and that as momentos of our time together. The favored flotsam was sea glass. Any bit of glass, blue, green, amber, or translucent was intently considered, admired, and displayed. The most tumbled, distressed pieces were cheerfully tucked into pockets for the ride home. Other findings of glass, those not quite done yet, were tossed back to the foamy waves to cook some more. Those rejected now pieces would be treasures in future years.

As we chatted and tossed, collected and wandered, the whole sea glass process made me wonder. Does God do that to us? Does He collect us from the beaches of life, rescue us out of the waves? I know He rescues us, but how does He decide when? And who? Who is pocketed and who is ready to go home? Conversely, how does He decide who is not finished yet and is tossed back for more tumbling in life's ocean? And how can I be content when I am in the wash, so to speak? Some days, waiting patiently to be complete is quite the challenge.

Next time, and the next after that, when I am weary of the storms I face and the waves that rub me raw, I'll try and remember that I'm being polished to be God's beach treasure. When I'm done, I'll finally get put in His pocket and be carried home.

~my collection of flotsam, including bits of sea glass

~my favorite fancy sea glass

PS And as I wait, I'll try to figure out how and why in the world this post is underlined! There was a short computer blip, and voila', there you have it. I don't even have an underline feature that I can find on this thing...

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