Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Perfect Set-Up

We have new (returning, I should say) neighbors, who are up with the sun and very vocal.

Not only that, but as I was unlocking the back gate, I noticed they are messy. It appears they have found the perfect set-up!

Our backyard, our water fountain, our chain link fence, and the next door roof have become home to a happy, noisy, poopy group of sparrows.

The listing view - water feature, multiple bathrooms, penthouse apartment with view

Close up of potty perches and close proximity of penthouse

Roof level entry into private residence

Who wouldn't move in? Fresh water nearby, the perfect chain link perch, situated just so for potty purposes, oodles of trees, shrubs, and hiding places, bugs galore, and a secure (= too high for fat cat), hidden cavity home sweet home for the kiddos and little lady.

Sorry, no vacancy until next spring.

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