Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old Beans = New Mess

Found some old, I mean OLD, bags of dried beans in the cupboard yesterday while I was cleaning out a drawer (summer goal - clean out every drawer in the house, just one at a time, when the chance pops up). Too old to even want to consider cooking...

The grands were present, so old beans became a new mess and fun activity for these busy two. They loved it! Papa, not so much.

But Nana knows preschoolers need to scoop and pour and make messes and spill and dump (and throw all over the garden)...

Old beans, plastic tub, scoops, tubs, old egg trays...

Et voila', fun times at Nana's.

PS I usually don't like to use food items in play, due to world hunger. But these beans were SO old and broken up, I don't think anyone would have enjoyed them. For sure, they won't now!

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