Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Straw-babies Anyone?

Sister is talking pretty much nonstop. Either she is responding to something I've said, she's talking to herself, she's ordering people around, or she's parroting what she's overheard. Oh, be careful, little ears what you hear...(and for us, little mouth, what you say - because someone short is listening!).

Sister eating juicy straw-babies.

Almost 2, sister has a new passion - straw-babies! So adorable! One hates to use the right word once a toddler has come up with a much cuter version.

Oh, and does she love straw-babies. Dripping chin, shirt, face, elbows, fingers...but I know for a fact that some of those straw-babies make it in her tummy!

I think I will forever call them straw-babies now.

Sister still hauling around her straw-babies.

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