Sunday, September 15, 2013

Road Trip

(Windmill at the Presby House Museum)

Nothing more refreshing than a road trip with my honey. Even if the scenery was tinder dry, scorched by long-term constant over 90 degree temps and 0 percentage of rain.

Stop 1: Powerhouse Grill for a delicious bacon and cheese omelet with crispy hashbrowns. The improvement I suggest would be grits. Always grits.

Stop 2: Of course, coffee at Starbucks. Iced decaf Americano with a splash of NF milk. Mmmm.

Stop 3: Cheap gas from the Wolf Den, Wapato.

(Kev in front of the Presby House Museum)

Stop 4: Presby House Museum, Goldendale, WA. I've always wanted to stop. So today, we did. Besides being a beautiful home, the museum is filled with loads of antiques. Many of which I remember using as a child. Or seeing as a child when the items were only slightly out of date. Ouch. Extra: Free deer lounging in the shade behind the house.

(The beautiful Presby House, built in 1902)

(Crazy quilt on display in the museum)

(1890 Bible)

Stop 5-6: Photo Op of the lovely Mt. Adams (our mountain). Amazing how the mountain I see every day looks totally new from a different side.

(Mt. Adams from the south side)

Stop 7: Trout Lake Campground. We used the facilities, but plan to return to stay at this charming spot.

Stop 8: White Salmon: We enjoyed pulled pork spicy nachos and Greek salad (I know, what a combo) at a pub style restaurant. It appeared to be the only eatery open, but the food was delicious!

Stop 9: Not counting the rerouting of ourselves, trying to find the illusive Appleton, we stopped at the Golden Arches for a sweet refreshment to enjoy on the drive home. Never did get on the right road to Appleton.

Future road trip - wait for the fall weather to color the leaves and the rain to dampen the dust. And then it will be time for a motorcycle road trip.

Three cheers for road trips!

(Printing press letters)

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