Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Adoption: Help Needed!

Meet Magi. (As in the Magi bearing Christmas gifts for the Baby Jesus). Except we pronounce it Maggie. Maggie Moo. Our Christmas puppy.

(Magi and her future doghouse, day 2)

Twenty pounds of blurry motion, teeth, tail, drool, and amazingly, not too much hair.

(Nice clean puppy - did not last long)

The night after our adoption, I woke up thinking, "I can't believe I brought home a dog. A stray dog. A puppy. A puppy Border collie, well known for excessive energy and tendency to destructive habits if not properly entertained AND trained."

But she is so cute! And just what we were looking for - female, puppy but not too puppy, Border collie, adorable. FREE. And in relatively good health - as ascertained by our vet.

(Most pictures involve motion - jumping, squirming, wiggling)

She is a rescue dog. We rescued her from some kind of life as a stray. She has been abused, is very shy around strangers, children, other dogs, cars, being out of her safety zone (which happens to be our newly remodeled and destroyed backyard).

(Chewing, like normal. Reclining on my heather. Her new favorite bed.)

But she is so adorable and loving. Magi Moo (my new nickname for this bundle of energy). Bonded to us. Lacking in certain hearing and obeying skills. A definite chewer. The perfect mandatory reason for daily walksies.

A puppy. Wow.

Ideas for training, correcting, socializing, anything puppy (a herding puppy), would be greatly appreciated.

(Most pictures of her look like this. Energy in motion.)

May I introduce you to Magi?

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