Thursday, January 2, 2014

Off to a Healthy Start

I so desired to get my husband off to a great new year. If you knew him, you would hear words like vegetables, fruit (but not too many), more veggies, oatmeal, low carbs, whole wheat carbs, whole grain carbs, no sugar, vitamins, supplements, exercise, more veggies...even more tea, some coffee, maintain weight, additional exercise...The family knows of which I speak.

That is my man. Very intent on staying healthy and avoiding the Big D (diabetes), which the doctor has told him he will get some day (not maybe).

So, in order to help him stick to his health plan, I purchased a special healthy gift for him. Which I promptly lost until a week after Christmas. But that is a different story.

(Love to purchase my locally (Yakima) made soap from

Tongue in cheek. Don't you think that soap WITH flax seed is healthier than soap WITHOUT flax seed?


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