Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Outfit ~ Generations

Bill and Kevin, 1964-ish

We have this outfit. It used to be adorable.

Bill (dad, grandpa, great-grandpa) was a rural mail carrier. After daddy Bill and mommy Carole adopted baby Kevin, a mail carrier overall outfit was found so Kevin could be just like daddy.

Leap forward many years. Kevin became a daddy. Out came the mail carrier outfit, though Kevin was not in the postal service. Baby Taylor enjoyed wearing the overalls as he toddled, tasted tires, and sat on grandpa's lap.

Bill and Taylor, 1989

Taylor racing away from the tires he was tasting (baby jogger - remember those?)

Bill holding Taylor while Kevin peeks at the camera

This summer, 2014, baby Donavyn donned the now thread-bare mail carrier overalls.

Donavyn and Papa Kevin, 2014

Fourth generation Donavyn wearing third generation overalls

Donavyn with Mommy

Sentimental, tattered, and worn.


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