Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Generous Neighbors = Apple Nectarine Cobbler

Fresh Apple Nectarine Cobbler

We returned home from vacation to find a bag of fresh nectarines in the refrigerator, compliments of our next door neighbor.

Shortly thereafter, our son announced that he was going to pick apples at a friends' house. And would we like some?

Previous to those separate events, I had cut out a recipe from the Yakima Herald-Republic for a fruit cobbler. The recipe is generic and calls for any combination of tree fruit and berries.

So, thanks to the generosity of neighbors, family, and the newspaper, we will be dining on freshly baked apple nectarine cobbler tonight.

Sharing the abundance. Love being in a great neighborhood.

The dehydrator is also full of drying apples, while many more apples are awaiting their turn for the sauna.

In the spirit of neighborhood, I am willing to share.

Sage, yellow squash, or basil anyone? Please call.

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