Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wrap Them in Love - Making Baby Quilts

What a whirlwind!
The last two weeks have been filled with anticipation, preparation, and organization to get ready to welcome our two new baby girls to this big world.
But the desire to love and welcome them makes it all worth while.
Even when one has to borrow a sewing machine (since hers is broken), one has extra furry help (though it is not requested), and one has to shuffle to meet all those little deadlines so all could enjoy the parties.

Baby quilts are my favorite gift to make for newborns. The last go-round included several boys, so this crafter was excited to add some pink and flowers!
Love them, snuggle them, wrap them in quilts.
Congratulations mommy's, daddy's, sisters, and brothers
(and grandmas and grandpas).

Wrapped in love. 
Way to go, Amplify!

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