Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mama and Papa Bear

The great mattress flop. Sounds like an adventure or bad epic movie, right? Nope. Just life as usual for the Q's.

Flashback - Just a little over a year ago, the newly 'homed' Quantrell's found themselves in need of a bed. Forgetting that over the last almost 25 years they had required a king size bed, they decided to downsize to a queen. Note to self and all other bear families. Do. Not. Downsize. Beds.

Previous new mattress set = Pillow top. Tall. Ultra cushy. Expensive. Heavy. Beautiful with antique headboard acquired in our home transaction.

Back to the present - After realizing that the 2 nana and papa bears, the grandson bear, the cat bear, and any of the above combinations do not fit nicely on a queen bed, the Q bears decide they will buy each other a king mattress set for Christmas. And make it firmer, in order to be more comfortable and not as body dent-full. Reality check says since, the bears always required stretching space due to the 6'2" papa bear, they need to think wisely and not change that.

Fast forward - Cringing, at purchasing yet ANOTHER mattress set in barely one year, the Q bears found a great ??? deal on a king mattress set. Firm. HUGE. Roomy. Short (height) for the shrinking Nana Bear (Nana Bear had to crawl UP onto the queen bed).

Steps 1-25: Search entire town for best deal and what the Q bears need. Purchase bed. Transport bed. Rearrange entire house (deep clean under all beds). Play musical mattresses as beds are shifted from room to room to garage and back again. Do all associated laundry. Make several beds. Test beds. Sleep poorly for several nights as the Q bears adjust. Hard for Papa and Mama Bear to find each other in the large bed. Cat bear has plenty of room. The Q bears finally settle in. Plan for Grandson Bear to test it out soon. Sigh with relief.

Out with the Nana Bear bed. Too soft and squishy. Baby bear bed definitely too small. In with the Papa Bear bed.

Ahhhh. Just right.

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