Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Bushy Tailed Quail?

There I was, just driving along on the narrow street heading home from morning coffee and reading several chapters in a book necessary for a course I'm taking.

It was a dark and stormy night...

Just kidding.

I was approaching the narrowest, vertically challenged and notoriously known area for quail and close calls with other vehicles. I'm always on alert for quail because I think they are exceptionally cute and noisy. And I don't want to hit one. I don't like the rear view of flying feathers.

Oh, there's one. Nope, it was a dove. Oops! There's one popping out onto the roadway exactly when I was cornered by a close following vehicle and another approaching up the top of the hill from the other side. No room for maneuvering around the cute little bird. Drats, Batman! I don't want to hit it!

Then it flicked its' big bushy tail. What? Bushy tail and quail don't usually go together. The quail dropped down to its' front paws??? and scampered back into the underbrush.

Ahhhh. A big bushy tailed gray squirrel also lives in the quail rampant area. Whew. Flashbacks to those insurance commercials where the squirrels hysterically plan to cause automotive accidents by staging in the center of the road...

I think I heard it snicker at me as I narrowly avoided the cars, the ruts, the bushes and trees, and the big bushy tailed squirrel.

I'll be on the look-out for you, Mr. Squirrel. You and your big fluffy tail and schemes of demise for my car.

Big bushy tailed quail. Not.

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