Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a...Shade Tracker?

Feelin' it...summer time hot. Not the bad hot where a person could melt from lack of shade. But close enough (especially if you are in the late 40's and hitting a certain life stage...).

So I just put on one of my super special sleeveless tank tops, and voila, I am the Shade Tracker. Super due to excellent colors and comfort. Special because they are cool and sleeveless.

Wearing a colorful tank, I survive the sun. My path around the house follows the travels of the sun.

Par example: Early morning, east facing window shades are all closed or open slightly for light. The west facing windows are wide open. If there is a cool breeze, the windows are open for fresh air. Otherwise, everything is shut up tight to lock out the heat, keep in the cool. The zip lock of cool. Keeps things fresh.

The routine flip flops in the afternoon. As the thermometer shows more red, the pavement heats up, and unwatered plants start wilting, I open blinds on the east side of the house and then close the western blinds. Ceiling fans begin spinning and the ice tea is poured.

My favorite invention to deal with the sun rays is what I've created for the back patio. This area gets blasted with the late afternoon heat and sun, which is much worse than the morning sunshine. Three bamboo gardening poles, six metal rings, six large hooks, rubber bands, four light colored curtains, and four lengths of canvas tape are my materials.

Bamboo poles slide through the rings, which hang on the hooks. Curtains attach by way of fabric loops. Rubber bands figure eight over the hooks, rings, and poles for stability.

In the shade, outdoor room dividers are neatly tied open. But once Mr. Sun heads over the top of the house, off come the ties, and shade providing curtains are spread out to block the worst of the heat from my now shady patio.

That's what I'm talking about. The Shade Tracker foils the sun. Again.

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