Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Christmas Tradition - aka - Nana, take me!

I took him! Last time I posted, I was not able to and my Nana-heart was broken.

Today, he was my little cling-on. We did all sorts of things. But the main thing we did was be together.

And we started a new Christmas tradition for Nana and her grand babies. He's the only one old enough yet, but just wait. Pretty soon the kitchen will be entirely covered in icing and sticky finger prints.

Today, we made our first gingerbread house! With a kit, all is complete, except the wash-up tools and knives for spreading.

Oh, Nana, there was CANDY! Most of it too hard for him, but gumdrops were a hit. And when we were almost done, the discovery of the edibleness of icing - why tell him too early and add to the sugar consumption??? - ahhh, the finger drips of icing and "Hay-nen eat, Nana." What a fun time!

So far, I am pleased to say, the house weighing considerably more than when we began, is still standing. The icing is dripping lovely for good effect. The candy is still on. The boy is happy (and to tell the truth, spent a few moments of pure buzz in the living room). Lots of pictures. Great memories.

Oh, and yes, there is still a glob of permanent glue like icing on my elbow. Better go catch that.

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