Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Coffee Pot

Did you know that by combining coupons at Freddy's (Fred Meyers for you lay-folk), you can get really, I mean really, good deals?

Case in point. Today I needed to purchase a coffee pot for Amplify. Just a cheapo, mind you. So I went all over the store, collected coffee, filters, snacks, etc. Forgot the coffee pot, so retraced my steps. Found a great sale going on for coffee pots. I chose the cheapest one, good old Mr. Coffee, basic programmable (a feature of which we will never use - who puts in water and programs for coffee a week away???), model for $24.99 on sale!

Excellent! Combine that with the coupon for another 10% off of home products, a coupon for a free pre-ground package of Seattle's Best ($6.99 value), and another coupon for a package of Starbucks. Also included was a $5.00 mail in rebate! Saved some great money. I was so proud of myself.

Prize in hand, I took it out to show the hubby. Did you know that Mr. Coffee puts the highly nonshatterproof carafe on the OUTSIDE of the interior plastic wrap. Do you know what happens when they do that?

You fight to get the coffee pot out of the tight fitting Styrofoam box lining, pulling out, holding the box, peeling off the foam...and the carafe just nicely jumps free (since it is not inside the plastic bag holding the rest of the coffeepot - plastic is slick, don't you know?), and completely disintegrates into a billion pieces all over the floor (including on my feet, the rugs, the floor, the cat tray, the cat food...).??!!!

Bye bye great deal. Now I have to go back and purchase another highly breakable carafe. Bah humbug.

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