Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ants? In January?

I can't believe it. Ants. In my kitchen. In January.

Now, if I lived somewhere in the southern part of the U.S., then ok, there could easily be ants.

But in the northwest, with temps in the teens at night, the 20-30's in the day, and several feet of snow and multiple snow mountains surrounding my house?


Not only that. NOW we have yet another unfinished project. To get at the ants, we had to rip off the ugly floor board trim...just as ugly beneath as the trim was. Ick. Add ripping up the unappetizing linoleum along with painting and retrimming the kitchen walls.

AFTER the ants are dead.

Four brand new double duty bad infestation traps in place along the wall and floor. Popular, too. I had been smashing ants with a spoon. Now I have to let them live long enough to get back home and feed the poison to the family. Ugh.

True, true. We did want to tackle the kitchen project. But not now. Not in January. Not when we have many, many other begun not yet finished projects. The kitchen was in line at almost last.

Ants.??? January. Winter.
Who knew?

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