Sunday, March 11, 2012

Camp Touchet

I love retreats!

Sure, they are often lots of work. You don't sleep very well (or at all). The bathroom is usually OUTSIDE in the DARK. Wild animals abound. You eat too much. Talk too much. Play and relax and pack too much.

But still. Retreats (in the camping and cabins sense) are awesome! Especially if the boys stay home and it's just moms and girls and nana's.

Camp Touchet, just outside of Dayton, WA, is a great location! Last weekend was the first time I visited that section of our beautiful state. Just know that I have future plans to return. It is beautiful, quaint, historic, wonderful.

Our girls from Amplify drove the 160 miles to Camp Touchet for an overnight retreat. It was so refreshing to chat or listen to non-stop girl talk. The pine trees, fresh air, river sounds, brisk weather, scenery, delicious food, too many snacks, lack of sleep, shortage of bathrooms (well, it's all women - what do you expect?)...

Included were a midnight walk to the bathroom (outside in another building), A-frame accommodations, guest speaker (great job!), worship music (oh-yeah), break out sessions (let's hear it for the Fun Times Eggs-actly for Kids - and the watercolor painting, YAY!), excellent cuisine, laughter, talking, praying, thinking...

What a time! The only problem was not enough time to chill by the river. And to walk across the fallen log and hike the hill.

Can't wait for the next retreat.

Oh. And no phone reception. Tech free time.

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