Thursday, March 7, 2013


Wow. Totally missed February. That's what happens when I have OTHER writing deadlines and physical therapy for my foot.

But on to the camping. I have some campin'lovin' babies. Ok, not so much babies anymore. Adorables. Yes. The nana can call them the Adorables. And they are not picky about the tent.

So, the nana makes a pretty lame tent. It's what I could grab fast...

A sheet, tucked over the couch back, a few pillows, a clothespin or two...

And still sister wanted to pull on the sheet to make it fall down. On top of the brother. Pretty normal sister stuff, if you ask me.

The OLD (as in MINE from MY childhood, back in the age of dinosaurs) Barbie tent was quite a hit with the boy. He LOVES camping. Duplos make great chairs and camping props. Who cares if it is flimsy plastic stuff with 70's stickers still attached?

Sister was more impressed with sitting on the coffee table.

One day. We will camp out in the back yard. But not yet. It's too cold.

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