Saturday, March 9, 2013


I so wanted to have my camera with me today on our quick trip to get the mail!

It's still a little cool, so I decided against hauling it. But as we drove the back way to the post office, we turned a corner and came into the sun. Definitely a warmer setting than the previous jaunt in the shade of the hillside.

Warm, bright, spring-y feel, super shadows and effects from the setting sun. Glancing to the right, I noticed our shadow having just as much fun as we were having. Trailing along with us. Checking out the horses, the new white calf (already with an ear tag), the deer fording the river, hawks, sleeping dogs, suspicious beaver-looking dams all over the meanderings of the river and off shoots. Oodles to see and smell.

The four of us had a grand ride.

Me (and me) and my shadow(s), 'trolling down the avenue.

Or the old highway.

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