Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Quiet (Not) Meal

Superbly delicious smelling chicken stir fry awaited my hungry tummy. The grands were finishing eating as I made it home from school, and were covered in various sauces of macaroni salad, applesauce, and turkey slices. After clean up (them, not me), I grabbed a plate to sit down and quickly eat while it was hot. Chopsticks and everything!

Alas. The second I sat down (I believe my mistake was sitting in my comfortable chair, not at the table - bad Nana), two little birdies lit next to me, one on each side of the edge of my chair. With their eyes glued to my plate, they zeroed in on the pretty chopsticks and colorful food, noses practically touching the food.

Seriously. I barely had room to grab food without poking them in the eyes. But patient they were, as I broke apart and blew on pieces to cool them. The little birdies opened their mouths time and time again, eating most of my chicken, veggies, and rice. Yes, several minute chunks of food did not make it in the mouths, but drifted down on my lap. Or worse, in the cracks of the chair.

I am very glad they love to eat healthy food. Better yet, they immensely enjoyed the chopsticks. Can't wait for another chance to try that. Maybe we'll find those chopstick trainers. And some very big bibs. And we will all sit at the table. And get a dog to hoover up the crumbs.

But wait! Call now. I mean, "Nana, I have to go potty" and off ran one birdie. I waited for the "Nana, I'm done" call as birdie number two continued to graze off of my plate. I carefully sat my plate in the CENTER of the table and went to assist.

Upon completion of our chore, I walked out into the kitchen and birdie #2 (Chevy) had pulled out the chair, climbed to the middle of the table, pulled the plate over, and was sitting in the booster seat eating the remainder of my meal! Ha! The blessings of little children...

The quiet meal.

I did clean out the cracks of the chair. You are safe to come over and visit.

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