Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Butterfly Freedom Day

Go free, butterflies, free!

Yes. It was release day. Totals: 7 happy students and 1 happy teacher. 1 smashed (accidentally) butterfly. 38 initially flew off to freedom. Minimum of 20 caught and released and re-released and re-re-released. 1 definite bird attack. 2 lurking birds hanging on chain link fence. 1 student on bird patrol. 2 leftover chrysalids and 1 caterpillar (still!).

Related activities for kindergartners: daily journal observations and entries, observations, reading related books, studying life cycle charts and posters, counting days for each stage, illustrating and writing journal entries, hands-on experience while freeing, catching, and releasing live butterflies. Also creative ownership in naming butterflies.

Science experiment complete.

P.S. You definitely should do this project with your children. Or just for yourself. It's fascinating. I will put out a plug for Their kits have excellent results.

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