Monday, May 19, 2014


I often wear skirts or slacks that do not have pockets. As a teacher, I need to have some stuff at my beck and call. Like pencils, markers, pens, a whistle, lip balm. That sort of stuff. But my wardrobe did not cooperate.

So I made my own pocket. And, this cracks me up (probably only me, but I get the joke), I made my 'pocket' out of a pair of Taylor's (Army son) jeans. I just cut off a front pocket, sewed the holes, trimmed the edges, and added a strap.

Et voila! A pocket, worthy of a teacher. A pocket from a pocket. Ha-ha.

A bit of history. The pilgrims did not have pockets either. So they had a pouch they tied around their waist as a pocket. So triple ha!

And my students know exactly what I want when I say, "Where is my pocket?" or "It's in my pocket."

They caught on. And wanted their own pockets.

Whacked off some more old pants, trimmed the edges, added straps, and let them decorate with permanent markers to their hearts content. Ahhhh.

Recycle. Yes. Reuse. Yes. Repurpose. Yes.

The new 3 R's. All in kindergarten.

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