Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spiderman and the Princess: Bubble Fun for the Last Days of Summer

Yes. It's true.

Summer is nearing the end. Though our thermometer does not think so. Nor the heat index.

But still, I know it's coming.

So bring on the bubbles.

Spiderman and the Princess (sans princess outfit) had a ball whipping up lots of bubbles. Cool, light, frothy, cleaning...

(HAH! I tricked them into getting somewhat cleaner. But don't tell.)

Just add a few squirts of good dish soap to water in a plastic tub. Teach how to use hand cranked egg beaters, and away they go.

It's not only good for getting clean and getting cool, it's good for fine motor skills, coordination, and crossing the mid-point.

Everybody wins.

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