Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cast Iron Cooking

I was experimenting with the very nice looking cast iron skillet I recently early-inherited from my mother-in-law. Yes, she is still alive and well. No, she does not have space or a place to use a cast iron skillet.

So, yay for me, I have a beautiful cast iron skillet!

Which I adore as a cooking tool. I grew up watching my mom use her cast iron skillet and dutch oven all the time.

Unfortunately, I did not pay as much attention to the care of such cast iron kitchen tools.

I get the part about heating it until dry. Rust is the enemy, yada yada. But how do I get the cooked on gunk off the bottom without each time removing the seasoning? Oh, yes, I do get the seasoning part.

Water. And a soft cloth. No soap.

The frittata I made turned out delish! Sausage, eggs, onions, zucchini, cheese, pepper, crushed pepper, spinach, and milk. It cooked beautifully. Tasted wonderful. Leftovers were coveted.

But clean-up?


My pan did not look the same after cleaning. I even boiled water in it to loosen the crud, as suggested on an online site.

But there is sits, ready for the next attempt.

I would gladly take all comments and tips! This cast iron skillet needs to be a very comfortable part of my family.


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